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In memory of our friends who died from COVID-19

Three years ago this spring, we began a lockdown to try to contain COVID-19. It has been  difficult and affected us in so many ways — positive and negative. But one thing that unites us is the sorrow over the loss of our family members and friends. They were all part of our everyday life here. With their personalities and talents, they contributed to the vibrant place that Lifestyles is. To remember them, their families and friends contributed memories and photos to celebrate their lives. Please read these memorial tributes by following the links to Lifewire.news and share your memories too. 

Amir Samaan, 39, a caring jokester loved to work and play
Mischievous and thoughtful, Amir Samaan, touched the hearts of family and friends

Coletta Bailey, 48, lived life with style, humor and determination
A woman on the move approached each challenge with honesty and a sense of adventure 

Cosmo Caminiti, 77, was self-reliant good guy who loved the old songs
Former Willowbrook State School resident made his way in life with hard work, no complaints and ready to sing

Glenn Mazzola, 50, quiet and gentle, enjoyed the company of family and friends
Good-natured guy was always ready for an outing or to pitch in with a task at Lifestyles for the Disabled 

Grace Valdez, 56, enjoyed the good things in life: coffee, friends, a song, a prayer
Soloist or chorus, former Willowbrook State School resident valued her independence and her friends 

Kris Russo, 45, amateur chef, put a smile on every face 
Red-headed mischief maker was thoughtful son, brother and friend 

Thoughtful and gregarious, Sal DiBenedetto, 59, wanted everyone to have a good time
Brooklyn native put his heart into music, poetry, dance and teamwork of media productions 

Sonya Alexander, 25, was a dancer from the start 
An outgoing and creative young woman loved dressing for special occasions 

Tanasia Alamo, 25, had a gift for therapeutic hugs and a passion for pro wrestling
A young woman who after a rough start with Down syndrome, grew to be a caring peace-making adult

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