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Life-Wire News Service makes content created by individuals with developmental disabilities available to media outlets, following our guidelines. Outlets must request permission to reprint or post articles, photography or video assets in their media by contacting Edward Gregory (egregory@lfdsi.org) or Michael Commorato (mcommorato@lfdsi.org). There is no fee for usage. However, if you are interested in making a donation to Lifestyles for the Disabled, please follow this link: DONATIONS TO LIFESTYLES. Digital media should link to our website at LFDSI.org when possible. Media should not be posted out of context or in any fashion that disparages our journalists – we do, however, recognize that you may not control all comments made to your media outlet. Follow these criteria for crediting our content:

Credit our author(s) and their staff collaborator(s), along with Life-Wire News Service, as indicated in text.

Use “[name of photographer], Life-Wire New Service” or “[name of photographer], Life-Wire News Service, a division of Lifestyles for the Disabled.”

Credit to “Life-Wire News Service” or “Life-Wire News Service, a division of Lifestyles for the Disabled.”

Please let Life-Wire News Service know of your usage by sharing it via e-mail to egregory@lfdsi.org, or by standard mail to:

Edward Gregory
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