A Voice For People With Disabilities


Who We Are

Life-Wire News Service is a first-of-its-kind service which distributes media content from the unique perspective of people with intellectual disabilities — giving a new voice to the disabilities community. ©2016
For more than twenty-five years, Lifestyles for the Disabled has provided an environment where people with intellectual disabilities find purpose and inspiration to create, work and thrive. In the Media Center, participants explore information technology and produce original content in their areas of expertise and interest utilizing video and radio formats. Utilizing Lifestyles’ media assets, Life-Wire News Service – the only media wire offering content by people with intellectual disabilities – features stories that explore entertainment, sports, human rights, or more.
Participants in the service (crew members) will produce their own content with the aid of Lifestyles staff to an extent depending on the crew members’ needs. The program connects crew members to the community in new ways and provides exposure to the public that will help to demystify people with intellectual disabilities.