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Add some rhymes to your thyme and spice up the Thanksgiving holiday

Rhymes and a few chuckles are sprinkled in this sample of Lifestyles Thanksgiving poems from the Zoo Group 2 and the Maintenance group. Enjoy. And check out some more Poetry Slam poems here

The Best Day of the Year by the Zoo Group 2

The pumpkins have gone away, colorful leaves are on the ground.
Family is coming over, at the table we’ll gather ‘round.

The turkey is in the oven, its wonderful smell fills the air.
Grandma burned the dinner rolls, but nobody seems to care.

Football is on the TV, hopefully the cowboys are losing.
Everyone is in a great mood, but that’s probably from all the schmoozin’.

It’s finally time to eat, I can’t wait for mashed potatoes and a cornbread muffin.
So many great food to choose from, but my favorite is the stuffing.

Dad has to carve the turkey, for some reason it makes him proud.
We’re all talking over each other, because we have an aunt that’s extra loud.

Mom wants to take a family picture; our cousin’s weird boyfriend she’ll be cropping.
Tomorrow is Black Friday, so you know it’s time to get shopping.

The night is almost over, our stomachs full with warm apple pie.
A light snow has started to fall, by morning it’ll be piled high.

No one wants to leave, but that’s probably, cuz inside it’s warmer,
To do all of this again soon, because Christmas is right around the corner.

When we’re all together, that can only mean one thing.
We’re here to eat and give thanks, because it’s Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving by Maintenance

Thanksgiving food is really great
Don’t even ask how much we ate
We gobble gobble until we wobble
Our turkey was as pretty as a model
In and out of sleep we go,
Oh look! It’s starting to snow.

What we are thankful for

Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on
The ones we love and never forget.
Our families health is the real wealth
This is our dream we keep fighting for
It will be in our hearts forevermore
We are thankful for everyone in these seats
and especially the turkey meat !


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