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Thanksgiving poems to ease us into the holiday


To ease us into the spirit of Thanksgiving, we will share poems performed at our Thanksgiving Poetry Slam. We will share a couple a day leading up to Turkey Thursday. Here is one from third place finisher the Greenhouse and the next is from Media, among the runners up.

The Greenhouse Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is finally here, for all of us to eat turkey
And not a deer

Mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes are on our dish
And topped with brown gravy it is delish!

Stuffing is also a must and we will eat it
Until we bust

The red wiggly on our plate is like going on
A special date

Apple cider is definitely a first and also helps us
Quench our thirst

Apple and pumpkin pie people really like
But cheesecake is a very special delight

The greenhouse wishes a Blessed Thanksgiving to all of us here
And to all of the people and friends you hold most dear.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Love from the Greenhouse



Where there is fall there is Thanksgiving
When you understand what Thanksgiving is
You always have time to share it
When time has passed you also shall be glad.

We sit around the table
To celebrate the harvest of Thanksgiving
With the traditional cutting of the turkey
And we give thanks for one another

And we are thankful for

Turkey – because it is delicious
Health – because it is important and we sometimes take it for granted
Apple pie – with whipped cream and cherries and sprinkles
Native Americans – because they feasted with the European settlers
Kernels of corn – because we eat it with our mashed potatoes
Sweet potatoes – because they are tasty treats with marshmallows
Gravy — because it gives the turkey more flavor
Ice cream for pie a la mode, coconut, apple or cherry
Vegetables — broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts, spinach and corn and collard greens
Ice to keep us hydrated
Nuts — good for us and the birds and squirrels
Gathering to share greetings, happy tidings and good food


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