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Take a break from Thanksgiving preparations: Read a Lifestyles poem

It’s the night before Thanksgiving and every back is breaking with preparations for the annual feast. So sit down and have a low calorie treat. Enjoy these poems from the Lifestyles Poetry Slam. 

Colors of Fall 
by the Mee1 group

Green is as pretty as the leaves on the tree int fall – Justina C

Black is as dark as a stary night – Brian L

Red is as warm as sitting by the fire place toasting marshmellows – Sara C

Green is as sweet as grape – Marie M

Red is as comforable as his pants – Jordan O

Blue is one of the color of his favorite football team the New York Giants Jordan L

Yellow is the beautiful sunflowers – Allyson U

Brown is as sweet as syrup on his pancakes

Light Brown is as comfy as a chair – Tony V

Orange is as round as a pumpkin – Sebastian S

Dark Green is as warm as his long sleeve shirt – Danny G

Thanksgiving by the Snug Harbor Group
urkeys are coming
Have lots of good food
And we have stuffing, vegetables, corn and mashed potatoes.
Nana cooks and I help her.
Kids come over,
Spend time with family.
Go to my mom’s house,
I watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Very happy, we get dessert.
I clean up the table afterward.
Night time comes and we all go shopping.
Grateful for my family.

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