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Skunk! Up Close and Personal

By Aaron Bialer and Andrew Moszenberg /Life-Wire News

Usually you see skunks in movies and cartoons. But we saw one in real life.

Aaron Bialer photographed this skunk from his van on its morning run, just outside the gate of Lifestyles for the Disabled Willowbrook campus.

One recent morning, when we were on the van, heading into Lifestyles, we saw a skunk near the gate, and we thought it would get hurt, but it was okay.  The skunk was safe. It was cool to see the skunk, and we learned that we must be careful as we face the skunk.

Skunks are nocturnal but sometimes they come out during the day to look for food. Even baby skunks are out during the day.  The other morning, coming to Lifestyles, the one we saw  may have been a baby.

Of course, skunks are notorious for the odorous smell when they lift up their tails and spray.

To get rid of a skunk smell, you need to mix together
1 quart of hydrogen (three percent)
½ cup of baking soda
1 tsp. of dish soap or laundry detergent

Apply with a gloved hand on a sponge or washcloth.

It is a good idea to respect a skunk when it is near you. They won’t spray right away unless you scare them.



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