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And the Holiday Survey Says:

We polled our Media Crew on holiday topics and have determined the following:

•  Most of us are staying home for the holidays for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day by more than a 2 to 1 margin.
•  Most popular item on our menus: ham.
   Other items on our holiday menus include: spinach dip, pumpkin pie, antipasto and fish,
   meatballs, latkes, Chinese food, macaroni and cheese, and ginger cauliflower soup.
•  We were in wide agreement that the worst holiday special of all time (by 4 to 1) is
     1. The Star Wars Holiday Special.  -no, really.  Watch it. 
Our crew members also included the following films, but couldn’t agree on if they were among
   the best or worst holiday offerings:
     2.  A Christmas Story.
     3.  Charley Brown Christmas
     4.  The Nightmare Before Christmas
     5.  Santa Claus versus the Martians
     6.  The Littlest Angel.
•  Last year, we were in total agreement that our favorite holiday film of all time is:

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