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Life-Wire Big 2017 Predictions

Our Life-Wire News Service crew looks into their collective crystal ball to prognosticate into 2017.  What will the future bring?

Salvatore DiBenedetto. Photo by Meredith Arout for Life-Wire News Service.
  1. Taylor Swift will win best female vocalist at the American Music Awards -Sal DiBenedetto
  2. The Giants will win Super Bowl LI by 24 points.  Eli Manning will throw a long pass that will result in a touchdown. -Meredith Arout and Sal DiBenedetto
  3. Sherlock III will actually come out this year. -Anthony DiFato
  4. There will be a lot of snow in 2017. -Dolores Palermo
  5. 2017 will be a very controversial year. -Joseph Padalino

Oh, and this one:

6. The world will end. -Anthony Pabon

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