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Rare throat tumor removal requires exceptional surgeon and positive patient

Eddy Gregory, supervisor of the Media Department at Lifestyles for the Disabled has a follow up visit with his surgeon Dr. Peak Woo, an otolaryngologist at Mount Sinai Hospital, Manhattan, who has a special interest in surgery designed specifically to improve the voice. (Courtesy of Dr. Peak Woo) 

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Eddy Gregory was missed at Lifestyles for the Disabled when he was out for six weeks in February. The cause: He had a complex, four-hour surgery to remove a rare  throat tumor and to rebuild his voice box.

Not only were we happy and relieved to have the manager of the Media Department back, but we realized his surgery would make an interesting story at Life-Wire News Service. Eddy happens to be the news service’s editor-in-chief.  

His surgeon, Dr. Peak Woo, a throat specialist with Mount Sinai Hospital, told us that Eddy is “an excellent patient.” How did he earn that rating? He is “well informed and understanding of the risks we were taking.”

We weren’t surprised to hear that.  With us Eddy took time to explain his symptoms, his preparation for surgery, the procedure, some setbacks and how the recovery is going.  He did it in a way that we non-medical people could understand.  Read the full story on SILive.com





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