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Cool! Making ice cream is a science experiment

Lockdown got you down? Treat yourself without leaving the house.

Roe DeSimone (spouse of Media’s Tony DeSimone) has been providing food for thought on Super Happy Funday with science experiments. And one experiment that is delicious — making ice cream.

The measurements of the ingredients to make a serving of ice cream.

The ingredients needed to make ice cream: Sugar, salt, milk, half & half, vanilla, toppins, measuring cup and plastic bags.

The ingredients are things you have around the house.
Ice     ½ cup of (coarse) Kosher Salt 
¼ cup sugar    ½ cup half & half
½ whole milk      ¼ of vanilla extract

You also need a large (gallon size) sealable plastic bag and a small (quart size) sealable plastic bag. 

It’s a pretty easy process. (Watch the video.) You put the ice and salt in the large bag. All the other ingredients go in the small bag. Then you put the small bag inside the large bag and you roll it, roll it, roll it, roll it. For about 10 minutes.

Roe (DeSimone) Science has a taste of her freshly homemade ice cream with her favorite toppings.

The science lesson: Remember, don’t put the salt with the other ingredients. The salt is used to lower the melting point of the ice. That causes the ice to draw heat from the ingredients, making them colder. Voila! Ice cream. The process is called an endothermic reaction. 

Most important part: The toppings. Roe’s favorites are sprinkles, hot fudge and Brooklyn’s original U-Bet chocolate syrup.

What are your favorites? Here are some of ours: Reese’s peanut butter cup, Captain Crunch, Hershey bar, Oreo chips, cookie dough, and whip cream. 

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