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Hey Dude! Horseback riding is my dream

Alan Russo/Life-Wire News
with Kathryn Carse/Lifestyles for the Disabled

I started riding when I was four years old, and I still love it at 31.

Going to Rocking Horse Dude Ranch gives me a chance to ride on trails in the country.  There are a lot of other activities too such as eating good food — bagels and cream cheese, ribs and hamburgers — the shows and snowtubing. 

And I like being around the Cowgirls. 

I can’t wait for October and this year’s trip. 

My two favorite horses are brown Lucky Girl and black-and-white Jesse. And my two favorite numbers are 7 and 8.

Listen to my podcast and read my poem below to hear more about my love for horses.

My dream is to be a jockey
Ride horses and compete
If I am a jockey I would wear blue
I want people to bet on my number
          Number 7
Nice blue uniforms and a lot of money
I want to have a lot of horse riding events
Work out with my horse
My horse's name is Lucky Girl
          Number 7

I started riding at 4 years old
I love horses
They come in all colors
Lucky Girl is brown with
a white forehead and a white nose
To be free with my horse on a beach
I want to be free on a beach with
         Number 7

I want to be in the Saddle Club
I want to be in the Winners circle
with flowers, money and girls with
         Number 7
I want to make breakfast, lunch and 
dinner for myself
I would give carrots and apples
to my horse
I want my horse to be healthy and strong
         Number 7 
I'll never give up on myself because
I am a mentor and
I go to Empire State College
I'll never give up on my horse, Lucky Girl
         Number 7 
                         Alan R


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