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Happy Thanksgiving from Lifestyles: Yummy food, good company and perfect poems

Happy Thanksgiving from Lifestyles for the Disabled and best wishes for a good time with family and friends, over a good meal and, for some entertainment, reading poetry from the Lifestyles Thanksgiving Poetry Slam. 

These are the winning poems from the Wood Shop and Shopping groups. Enjoy. 

by the Wood Shop

We wait all year for the turkey to appear,
When it’s here, we will all cheer,
To see all the food that was prepared this year.
We’re  all so glad to share this feast and hope this year
We will enjoy world peace!

Shopping Group Poem
Rose are red, violets are blue, 
Community group, please, don’t be late to the Zoo.
We are the shopping crew, if you didn’t know,
We deliver, in the rain and snow.
We shop for everything ; nothing is out of reach.
We deliver water, paper towels and even bleach.
Roses are red, blue is the sky,
Next time you see us, come and say Hi!  


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