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Author’s reading leads to ‘Abandoned House at the Edge of the Woods’

We had an author visit just before Halloween to read from his book of short stories that were a little creepy and mysterious. The author Chillbo Camron has some history here at Lifestyles. He is more familiar as Mike Commorato, our radio guy in the Media Department. 

Mike entertained us with his stories from “The Void; 18 Tingling Tales, Perfect Before Bedtime” (if you don’t want to sleep). (Use the link to find out more about the author and how you can purchase the book.) He talked a little bit about the inspiration for the stories and then encouraged us through a writing exercise inspired by a photo of a spooky looking house.

Some of the stories are unfinished, but all have scary details.

Abandoned House at the Edge of the Woods

I see a big building. I hear a door creaking. I smell blueberry pie.
I want to explore all of it!
I see a big chandelier inside.
I want to fight the ghost!

A wicked witch confronted me!
She said, “What are you doing in my house!”
I replied, “I’m killing the ghost.”
And then the witch’s goblin-porter tried to set me on fire!!!! Ahhhh!

I survived the flames! I will go back another day to get my revenge.

I went back to throw water on the witch!
She said, “Help. I’m melting, melting!”
Then I cut the goblin’s head off!

Bruno Padalino with scribe Chillbo Camron

Meredith Arout: I walk out of a path in the haunted forest and see an abandoned house. I hear a door slam. I see ghostly figures in the window. When I go inside, I see blood on the walls. I feel bad vibes, get scared and run away.

Antonio Pabon: I walked out of the woods and came upon an abandoned house. A door was creaking. Zombies and wolves were howling. I felt scared. There’s an elevator tower of terror.  I heard a loud noise and saw something in the shadows. I ran out screaming. 

Anthony DiFato: I was walking along a path and saw a house. It was old and decrepit and covered in vines. It seemed like it was sad. 

Riki Garcia: I see a big house and realize it is full of bugs. It is scarey. The wind blows a door shut. — Riki Garcia

Sal DiBenedetto: I see an abandoned house. It’s very big. I walk toward it hearing the wind blowing and the doors creaking. I hear a noise from the inside. I go in. It is just the wind. This place is good for a party. 

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