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Summer Solstice, Your Shadow and other Signs of Summer

Have you noticed your shadow lately? The Summer Solstice is a good time to check it out. (It is Wednesday, June 21 in the Northeast.) The longest day of the year, it is the first day of summer, a time when the sun rises early, arcs high in the sky, and sets late. It’s that high arc that has a dramatic effect on your shadow. Check yours out at noon. It will be your shortest noontime shadow of the year because the sun is so high above you.
Riki Garcia and Angel Bruno took shadow photos at noon the day before the official solstice. See how short their shadows are? If their shadows stood up they would only be up to their knees.
Summer isn’t all about sunlight and shadows. Here are some other signs of the season. Feel free to add yours in the comment.
What we do
Play basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, golf,
Go fishing, swimming; go to the beach
Go out in the evening for a walk or to the park
Things we don’t like
It gets too hot; we sweat; bugs, mosquito bites
What we like
No more jackets, no hat, no gloves
Motorcycles, bikes
Long days,
July 4, music, barbecue
Ice cream, Ralph’s Ices, ice tea, ice coffee, watermelon
Things we wear
Shorts, tank tops, sandals, flip flops, clogs, crocs, hats
Sunblock, bug spray
Angel Bruno, Yoni Chernock, Alice Fair an Riki Garcia with Kathryn Carse

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