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Ten Facts about Titanosaur from PBS Nature

We learned about how to find fossils and about how the Titanosaur lived by watching Nature: Raising the Dinosaur Giant (Watch the trailer here, on Nature Online.), airing Wednesday, February 17, 8 p.m. ET (check local listings) on PBS. We enjoyed it! It was very enriching.  Here are ten facts that we learned watching the program:

  1. Hearts of the largest Titanosaurs were about 6 feet tall and weighed about as much as three adult humans.
  1. By studying teeth the paleontologists were able to conclude Titanosaurs ate non-nutritious greens like conifers.
  1. Titanosaurs did not chew their food. They bit it off and swallowed pieces.
  1. The Titanosaur in the program lived in the Patagonia region of Argentina.
  1. 40 feet long, (the length of three school buses) the Titanosaurs had incredibly long and muscular necks and tails.
  1. Paleontologists use computers to animate how the Titanosaurs moved.
  1. Paleontologists use elephants’ anatomy to compare how Titanosaurs stood.
  1. Titanosaurs’ legs had more of an angle than that of elephants.
  1. Paleontologists used plaster and toilet paper to protect bones from weather conditions and to transport them safely.
  1. A major threat to the Titanosaur was the Tyrannotitan.

We would highly recommend this documentary! Hope you have a good time learning some facts about dinosaurs.

Nature Dinosaurs
Titanosaur, courtesy of PBS Nature.

-Written as a group, including Joseph Padalino, Gregory Perosi, Anthony DiFato and others with Megan Welch and Edward Gregory.

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