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Privacy Policy

At Life Wire, we understand that the privacy of our visitors and the knowledge of our use of information collected from each visitor is important in our activities. Please feel free to read our privacy policy and we encourage you to contact Life Wire about any of the information located below if you need further assistance. Our goal is to provide a helpful and secure website experience from which user data is used only to improve user experience.

Your IP address

We collect the IP Address and Domain Name that is used when surfing our website. We use this information for Site Traffic Statistics and analysis and only retain our last 60 visitors. We also receive your IP Address when you complete a search on our site in order to help our firm better recognize what is being searched by our visitors. All IP Addresses and Domain Names are kept with the utmost confidentiality.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is used by Life Wire only when there is persistent data that is required to use the website, ie. Administration Mode, and when an E-Commerce order form is being completed. For general viewing of pages, there are no use of cookies. When a user is wishing to purchase the product(s) that they have chosen they will be asked to complete an online form. When a user completes a section of the form and clicks on the “Next” button, not only does the form progress to the Next page but a cookie is created on the visitors computer with the information that they just completed. The purpose of the shopping basket cookie is to remember your information so that if you leave or get disconnected and come back to the order form our server will be able to complete the sections of the order form for you including product selected.

Security Monitoring

All login attempts to Administration Mode will be monitored by Life Wire. Each failed attempt is written back to the server and analyzed by the staff of Life Wire. The same level of scrutiny is applied to event registrants, comments, shares and associated links. We strive to constantly secure our vital proprietary information and that of visitors to our site and customers of Life Wire.

Questions & Comments

If you have questions, comments or concerns with either the way we use the information that is collected from your web browser or our privacy policy, please feel free to contact Life Wire.